How to create a beautiful website for your online business

April 18, 2018

When you finally get over the businessplan, formalities and defining your business and blogging goals, it’s time to set your website.

As you probably know, your website should both look good and be functional – and only then it will properly fulfill its task – working for you.


The base of your visual identification – and one of the substantial elements of your brand – it’s the logotype. If you haven’t yet acquired a logo that fits all your needs and expectations, take a look at what I can offer you in my online store.

If you’re thinking about graphics that you will also use on your Social Media, in your e-mails and your business card (mustn’t forget about it!), I have yet another solution for you – a very attractive package of marketing materials including a logotype wrapped up and ready to use.

Marketing materials

The marketing materials of your brand are an another neccessity if you want to have a professional, big start. Note that your website is  not only an address in your online browser, it’s an integral part of your brand. And all of these parts must work together under any means. That’s why your profiles on Twitter, Facebook  are so important, as well as your Etsy shop.

If you already have your logotype, yet want to graphically unify the remaining places where you want your business to appear, I encourage you to browse the graphic materials that I have to upgrade your logotype.

Your blog/website template

At this point I have to draw your attention to a very important issue - only a combination of professional look and functionality of your template, can ensure success.

Your webpage plays multiple roles – from building your brand, through sales, up to selling your products and services. That’s why so important, in addition to visual identification and aesthetic template is functionality and ease in moving around it. For example, making a purchase or reading interesting articles.

A beautiful, but not functional website will not bring any benefits, but instead only chaos and confusion to your clients. So I ask you to draw attention to whether the template you’re choosing for your webpage is functional and easy to move around. Are the fonts clear, tabs properly visible and is the logo placed in the optimal spot?

  • What to look at when choosing a template?
  • Does the home page layout fit your needs?
  • Can you change the fonts, colors and layout?
  • Does the template have a static page alternative?
  • Is it suitable for mobile devices?
  • Is navigating the menu easy and intuitive?
  • Will your logo be properly displayed?
  • Is the template SEO friendly?
  • Does the template allow you to set up an aesthetic and functional shop?
  • Are you ready to bond with this design for a long time?

The purchase of a template has to be thought out. As you may think, choosing a template i san important decision, because – without a few exceptions – it stays with us for even a couple of years.

I’m leaving you now with a couple of places, which I personally recommend and where you can find both beautiful and functional templates:

Bluchic – very feminine, elegant and subtle templates.
Designer Blogs – another place with balanced, feminine templates, perfect for a confident businesswoman.
Restored 316 Designs – minimalist, pastel and functional templates for blogs and websites.
Angie Makes – feminine templates in many different arrangements, for the minimalist and energetic business, full of color and emotion.
Pretty Darn Cute – yet another place, where you can find a perfect template for you and your site.

Landing page

If you’re planning to build a mailing list on your website (and I hope so! – here I told you why), a subscription page for both mailing lists and newsletter, you can easily do so at Mailerlite. A huge plus of this platform are countless templates, as well as free access to them!

On Mailerlite you can create very varied and visually attractive landing pages. Additionally, managing the platform is very intuitive and work on the „drag and drop” principle that we adore. I can ssure you that you will fall in love.

Design to #BlogBoss

I have something for you. If you feel that creating your own website in any way overwhelms you, or opposite – it caught you that you want to know more… great! I have an „Design To #BlogBoss” course for you, where you’ll learn the basic issues you need to know to build a website – as well as tricks and tips to make it really solid and powerful!

The normal price for the course is $197, BUT I have a surprise for you – it costs only $97 in preorder!

I have to be honest with you, so I admit, that it’s the only time to buy it for such an attractive price. The course itself starts off at the beginning of July. So sing up my mailing list to get opportunity to get access as preorder ;)

If you’re thinking of a present for someone who is just setting their own website and starting their online business… well – I think that it’s a great idea to buy it for someone as a gift.
See you!

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